What type of shed should I buy?

Posted by Tom Hebdige on

Purchasing a shed or garden building can be a daunting task. With hundreds of different shed or garden buildings available, choosing the right one for you is the most important decision to be made. Below we will cover the different styles of buildings we offer, and what each one is best suited too.


Sheds are your traditional garden building, mainly used for storage. While this range offers a huge variety, all sheds are aimed at being both stylish and practical.

Summer Houses

Our summer house range offers a stylish outdoor room, for you to relax and enjoy your garden in. These garden buildings are a more traditional style compared to our contemporary range but still offer the same space and quality.

Workshops & Garages

Our workshop and garages offer an outdoor space designed for storage and practicality. This range also offers easier access than our traditional sheds, allowing you to store items bigger than the normal lawnmower and garden tools typically stored within.


The contemporary range, while similar to our summer houses, offers a stylish and modern approach to garden buildings. This range is perfect for an outdoor office, or somewhere to place a relaxing hot tub.

Garden Rooms

Our garden rooms range are our sheds and outdoor spaces designed with a purpose in mind. This could be a beautiful and stylish dog house or potting shed designed for a keen gardener.

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